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Tangerang is located about 25 km west of Jakarta. It has a population of about 1.4 million people in 2010.

Kota Tangerang adalah sebuah kota yang terletak di Provinsi Banten, Indonesia, tepat di sebelah barat kota Jakarta, serta dikelilingi oleh Kabupaten Tangerang di sebelah selatan, barat, dan timur. Tangerang merupakan kota terbesar di Provinsi Banten serta ketiga terbesar di kawasan perkotaan Jabotabek setelah Jakarta.

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  • pura dewi durga maa, RT03:RW03, Sathis Kumar wrote 1 day ago:
    Very powerful south Indian Temple in Jakarta. The temple is built by a Medanese man with south Indian heritage. He was instrumental in building the temple from a small room to its current glory. The temple is visited by many tourist from Indonesia and neighbouring countries such as Malaysia. The temple is now run by a comittee after the demise of the temple caretaker Mr.Samin who attained mahasamadi in 2012. The temple is one of the most powerful temple in the world. All that you wish for if its reasonable will be granted by the almighty Durga Ma. KIndly find time to visit this temple which is a unique symbol of hinduism glory in Indonesia.
  • Best office (Bina Ekonomi Sosial Terpadu), Basyri (guest) wrote 6 days ago:
    The address for Bina Ekonomi Sosial Terpadu Was change to Villa Melati Mas Blok O2 No.14. Serpong Tangerang.
  • Rumahnya Orang, m4ul79 wrote 1 month ago:
  • HRD MATAHARI DEPT STORE, Ikhwan Harahap (guest) wrote 3 months ago:
  • Perumahan Angkasa Pura 2 Tangerang, andini (guest) wrote 3 months ago:
    Berbahagialah AP2 di atas derita orang lain.. Nanti akan ada hasil a
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