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Tangerang is located about 25 km west of Jakarta. It has a population of about 1.4 million people in 2010.

Kota Tangerang adalah sebuah kota yang terletak di Provinsi Banten, Indonesia, tepat di sebelah barat kota Jakarta, serta dikelilingi oleh Kabupaten Tangerang di sebelah selatan, barat, dan timur. Tangerang merupakan kota terbesar di Provinsi Banten serta ketiga terbesar di kawasan perkotaan Jabotabek setelah Jakarta.

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  • Pergudangan 38, Dedy Wiyjayanto (guest) wrote 8 days ago:
    Boleh dikirim pricelistnya ga ke . Thanks
  • Taman Royal 1 Cluster Damar, Mas Masruri wrote 9 days ago:
    where is it?
  • Taman Royal 1 Cluster Damar, ninda (guest) wrote 9 days ago:
    so nice building sir
  • TOKO WAWAN, ibnu (guest) wrote 15 days ago:
  • Masjid Raya Al-Azhom, Alexander Idrus Zulkarnain (guest) wrote 2 months ago:
    Building great and grand mosque is not the aim, as this spending much money to build it. The money is much more needed to support building generations. Other than that, the contribution and donation in Mosque is meant for the poor to help. Before, Mosque acted more as an agent of people prosperity to abolish poverty. Today, lot of Mosque management forgot this. They are sprinting to have greater Mosque than the other. This, actually caused by the television promotion, which seemingly had reached their target. (Though, I shall try to do "i'tikaf" in this mosque hopefully. May God Bless All Of Us, Indonesia.
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